Exclusive Night Agency - founded and run by Łukasz Zagalskicontinuously operating on the Polish and European market since 2007,
It cooperates with the best international brands and clubs !

Currently Agency associates and employs nearly 50 professional dancers, circus artists, theater artist, acrobats, stilt walkersmime artists and animators(Including dancers working in clubs like PACHA IBIZA, AMNESIA or LA TROYA)

Own technical facilities,atelier rich in original and unique costumes,
definitely distinguishes EXCLUSIVE NIGHT Agency, not only on the domestic, show business market.

It is a pioneer in the productionorganization and implementation of the artistic show and thematic events, in clubs and at major events.
Each project is individually adjust to the possibility of technical charakter of the event and the planned budget.

Agency together with their programs occurred in countries such as:
- Spain
- Egypt
- Germany
- Czech Republic

Continuously from 2011 we have been cooperating with the brand BELVEDERE and MOET&Chandon.
In 2016, the Agency made 336 Shows in Europe, an average of 6/7 events every weekend.

We worked for artists such as:
- Armin van Buuren 
- Bob Sinclair 
- ATB 
- Alesso 
- Steve Aoki 
- Nervo 
- Tom Swoon

In 2014, the Agency has focused on elements affecting the show and the external image of the executed projects.
- pyrotechnic
- Own sound system
- Own lighting
CO2 systems
- Themed decorations

In 2014, as the only Agency in Poland we introduced thematic events:
- Pin Up Show
Moulin Rouge
- Las Vegas
- Urban Zoo
- Cirque De Ibiza
- Shower Show
- Michael Jackson Show
- Samba RIO & more
- Champagne Show

In 2015, the Agency offer artistic programs for the closed banquets, galas, events where we prepare 45 minutes:

Performances Showgirls
- Themed dance shows
Integration workshops
Outdoor performances
- Integration events in hotels

A very important binder Agency is our own atelier, which allows internally to create any ideas for the tastes and type of event for 
our clients.

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